God's Plans

God has plans that are so far beyond mine, or anyone elses thinking that I think I should stop trying to figure it out.

He not only says live each day and have no worries for tomorrow but He also says TRUST in him. So, as far as the future in concerned—I have no control. But when I leave the control fully in his hands; that means I am stepping into the unknown. Like with going to Spin. I can somehow come up with a really good reason why I am going to Spain. For example, I want to develop my leadership skills, this will push me, etc. Only, I would just be making all of that up. Even though those thoughts are true, the reality is that I really have no clue why God has called me to Spain. All I know is that he has.

So now I am taking that step of faith into the unknown, trusting that he is going to provide along the way. Because he will. And as I wait for him to provide all the money that is needed for this leadership school, I really just anticipate how he will do it. I no longer worry or even wonder how it is going to happen. I just know whatever he does is going to be incredible…and it will be done without having asked anyone or even told anyone really about the money that was needed for it. What an incredible testimony there will be when that money comes in whatever way God chooses to provide in!

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  1. You're going to Spain? For what? When? I'm praying for you daily!