I really wish I took the time to write more on this blog. Just my thoughts and my prayers, the things the Lord lays on my heart. I have a hard enough time writing in a journal...I don't know how I ever thought I would keep up with a blog, even once a week.

The Lord has really been showing me the differences in his children. When you look around you can see perfectly clearly how different each person looks, and you find how different personalities are as well. But what strikes me so much is how different each persons understanding and relationship with the Lord is. We all have such different encounters and experiences with the Lord. Sometimes I hate how hard it is to convey those things to others--to really express my heart in my experiences. I guess those things are just for the Lord...to keep a secret between myself and him. I think he likes it that way, having secrets with us. You always feel special when you know a secret.

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  1. oh hanna. this is very true. how great that the Lord knows it all. i love hearing your heart. i get to see you very soon!!! can't wait to have our fun talks and dates. love you...m.e.