If only there were a way for me to describe the burning feeling in side me. I can’t even say it is burning. I don’t know what the correct word would be. But then, that has been a problem all my life. I was never good with words, and I could never find the right word to use in many situations. I guess that is still my problem today. Only now, I know what is going on inside of me—at least to an extent. I know that God has been cleaning house all year long. This feeling of the Holy Spirit inside of me is something I never want to leave. Even though I don’t feel it on a regular basis, when it comes, I am overjoyed! So here God is, moving all around inside of me, in his temple of my body. All I know is that whatever is happening inside of me is the Lord. If and when you see me, I think you will notice something different. There is a joy that is only found in him. Though I have always been a happy and joyful person, I have never been filled in this way. And I have never experienced God’s work and his hand in so many little things that each moment brings. I love this change of mind set. I love living my life as a ministry and not doing ministry at certain times of the day. Do I have it figured out. Na. Who ever will? But at least I am on a direct route of lovin Jesus.

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