Prophetic Words

I guess my conclusion and findings for prophecy and intercession will never be final—because I will be learning more in each as I continue my journey of life.

Mainly, I have come to understand that prophecy and being a Prophet are two different things. They are different gifts. Prophetic words for fellow believers are simply the building and encouraging of the church—Christ’s body. Prophecy (capital P) is a foretelling of the future gift that is very rare.

When it comes to prophetic words, one people almost always have a word for people or for a group. But it is not just for people who always have something to say. This is an action we can all put into practice. It is basically the same conclusion I found when seeking what intercession was and if it was something everyone does. God can give everyone times of intercession but for some that is a spiritual gift they walk in regularly. It is the same with prophecy. Some are meant to go sing and pray over places, prophesying over the nations. Some are suppose to speak words over the nations and individuals. All of this is to accomplish the same thing: to build into the church. In doing so, we must pray over each other.

For example, one night last month, my team had a time of worship and prayer. Before we ended, we spent time praying for each individual person. We would all lay hands on the person and pray as the Lord lead—all at the same time. When everyone was done, we would tell the person whatever the Lord had laid on our hearts. And I would get these (what seemed like random) things for my teammates. When I would speak them to that person, they almost always correlated with what others had to say, or with what that individual was going through.

Prophetic words. Words that encouraged and built up the person. Prophetic words always edify and bring life.

“…the one who prophesies speaks to people for their up building and encouragement and consolation.” 1 Corinthians 14:3

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